• AI-driven real estate Brand Guide
    Brand Guide, animated presentation, and sales deck by Unicorns for the Californian startup
  • Wireless power pitch deck
    GuRu Inc. has raised the round A investment with the pitch deck developed (both story and design)
  • Education platform overview presentation
    Unicorns brought to life the UK startup’s story with enganing storyline and 3D bespoke art
  • Healthcare/biotech pitch deck
    Y Combinator’s startup Tambua has secured the investment with the Unicorn’s deck
  • Keynote for the NYT bestselling author
    Unicorns worked back2back with Chris Guillebeau to make him stunning on his US book presentation tour
  • Strategy for predictive Machine Learning
    Strategy, story, and visual guidance for German AIOps startup, incl. overview presentation, sales deck, reports, and landing page
  • Pharma pitch deck and presentation
    Therapy outlook for FDA, C-team interviews, pitch deck dev (structure, story, and art), the financial model for anti-HIV therapy
  • Style & deck for a parent support platform
    Bespoke style with illustration for a pitch deck for NY-based platform for childhood health concerns