United Cute Unicorns
transform your ideas into
persuasive stories
We help ambitious companies to stand head and shoulders above their competition, to be clear in their communication and meet their business goals
United Cute Unicorns is a multi-national design studio, working with many US, Canadian, European, CIS, MENA and LATAM companies. Unicorns love clean, minimal design and eye-catching images. We only do a personalized non templated design with customized visualizations - as we know a premium design will make your project stand out
Our Process
Unicorns focus at highlighting the essence and “what’s
unique” in your project
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Unicorns Team
Unicorns unite the multicultural experience, cultural and
social background of the founders and the high creative
skills of the team
  • Katya Tsygankova
    Art & Design Direction
  • Denis German
    Communication & Strategy
  • Anya Leskova
    Process & Management
  • Stas
    Talks & Presentations
  • Eugene
    Creative & Teamwork
  • Tanya Skrynnik
    Concept & Art director
  • Daria Krućek
    Graphic designer
  • Nata Azart
    Graphic designer
  • Svetlana Asriyants
    Presentation designer
  • Alina Chernova
    Web designer
  • Max Kravchenko
    Graphic designer
  • Evgeny Makharadze
    Motion & 3D
  • Xena
    Motion designe
Our Story
Unicorns have started their path in late 2012. Baby Unicorns were a tiny family business that united children and parents within (recently evolved back than!) digital space.
Today United Cute Unicorns is a group of professionals united by the vision of design and passionate about storytelling, self educating and knowledge practical implementation.
Read the Baby Unicorn Story

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