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The UK-German AI startup with the solution to proactively control the execution of business processes in Enterprises.


The challenge was to point out a significant danger that cannot be seen, avoiding typical “AI startup” visualizations.

inspiration &

A visual metaphor of what cannot be seen and helps prevent critical consequences came from ancient mythology!

We took our inspiration in the work of Benvenuto Cellini and metaphorically presented the story with the tension between Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa.

Work process

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    @client team
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    Deck structure
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    Pitch deck design
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    Sales deck design
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    Website structure
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    Website design

Unicorn’s work

In Unicorn’s own words
Anna Leskova
Project Lead
Understanding the complexity of AI and machine learning, we’ve conducted a series of interviews and analyzed dozens of competitors. We’ve looked at the semantic and visual part, and came up with a completely new approach that made ATC visually stand out on the AI ​​market.

We’re based style on: 1) a bit as the smallest unit of information - used as the pattern, on the background and in illustrations 2) the metaphor of the system - ancient characters of Perseus and Gorgon 3) and isometrical illustrations and icons.
ATC’s competitive advantage is predictive function. So we’ve chosen to visualize a battle with what cannot be seen by the classic metaphor.
Denis Levchenko
Creative director
>100 slides
Big set of thematic icons
Animated web-site in 2 languages
>10 illustrations
Investment research
Financial analytics for pitch deck
  • Art Director - Katya Tsygankova
  • Creative director - Denis Levchenko
  • Project Lead - Anna Leskova
  • Project - Tanya Romaniuk
  • Designer - Daria Kryuchek
  • Motion designer - Ksenia Novitskaya
  • Web designer - Carolina Monjarás
  • Web programmer - Anton Safronov
  • Copywriter - Jonas Gagnon, Andrew Wetmore

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