Pitch deck
Pitch deck for UK-Indian
education startup


About project

The UK-Indian education startup on a mission to empower personalized and flexible learning for schools worldwide.


The key goal was to create the key visual and visual voice of the deck, avoiding templated and stock images that are widely used in the topic and by the competitors


Michelangelo’s hand, Newtons apple, and Foucault’s pendulum have been chosen the core project’s inspiration

They all hold a powerful and profound symbolism - and that will inevitably evoke personal images in everyone’s imagination, touch their deepest strings

Work process

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    @client team
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    Stylistics dev
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    Pitch deck copy

Unicorn’s work

In Unicorn’s own words
Denis Levchenko
Client director
We’ve been inspired with the idea and the founder’s approach to the project. “No stereotyped ideas like school kids at their desks”, they asked. After the creative search, we’ve decided that an inspirational startup like Edufront may follow teachers of the Enlightenment & Renaissance - both visually and in their story.
We have chosen the main attribute for each of them - hand, apple, pendulum - this is how the key visual of the project began to take shape. What if to make these symbols in 3D? Add harmony, space, infographics and a bit of magic - the pitchdeck turned out elegant and really outstanding.
Katya Tsygankova
Art Director
21 custom-made slides
12 bespoke 3D objects
5 types of infographics
  • Art Director - Katya Tsygankova
  • Client Director - Denis Levchenko
  • Project Lead - Anna Leskova
  • Lead Designer - Daria Kryuchek
  • 3D Designer - Andrii Barbara

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