Pitch deck
Pitch deck for Israeli anti-HIV
mono-therapy drug


About project

KILLEVIR - anti-HIV mono-therapy drug, based on by Fullerene-poly- aminocaproic acid

The sub-division of KILLEVIR is currently undergoing tests against the COVID-19 in vitro in NIH USA


To develop the medically-focused pitch deck for the specialized VC’s

To speak out the project uniqueness and strongly communicate its key message in the saturated visual image of HIV in the world


Deep date research, profound background analytics and international specialized mentorship to contribute to the consistent storytelling and bold easy-to-capture visualization.

Work process

  • 01
    Set of interviews
    @client team
  • 02
  • 03
    Data gathering
  • 04
    Experts Q&A
  • 05
    VCs Q&A
  • 06
    Story & deck structure
  • 07
    Pitch deck copy
  • 08
    Storyline revision
    @client team
  • 09
    Product Q&A
    @client team
  • 10
    Medical mentors revision
  • 11
    Visual stylistics dev
  • 12
    Pitch deck design
  • 13
    Financials advisory
  • 14
    Marketing advisory

Unicorn’s work

In Unicorn’s
own words
Svetlana Asriants
Graphic designer
Killevir is a socially important project that will make the world a better place. In the pitch deck, we worked with two primary colors, black and red, using them differently depending on the context of the slides. An important role was played by the white gradient, which at the same time speaks of sterility and modern technology.
In this project, Unicorns cooperated with many professionals - researchers, scientists, FDA and NIH specialists, developers, discoverers, business consultants, VC’s strategists and investors, with the aim to build a strong pitch for Killevir. Powerful team makes up into a strong and striking project indeed!
Katya Tsygankova
Art Director
Content & Design
40 slides
Financial Data & Analitics
  • Art Director - Katya Tsygankova
  • Creative director - Denis Levchenko
  • Project Lead - Anna Leskova
  • Lead Designer - Svetlana Asriants
  • Financial team - Gene Frizzell, Anna
    Shabanova, Linh Nguyen

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