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Pitch deck for wireless power
startup based in California


About project

GuRU — wireless power startup based in California.

GuRu’s mission is to deliver electric power through the air at room scale and beyond. To truly free people and businesses from having to run wires, change batteries, plug things in or bring them to a power source.


Being a mature company, GuRu Inc. had quite a lot of information and the challenge was to cut off tons of it, crystalizing the essence - and to speak it out in a clean, direct and professional way.p>


GuRu Wireless Power already has a dozen of implementations working today and their plans - up to transforming the energy of the Sun and getting it wirelessly transfered from the orbit to the Earth - are really motivational!

Work process

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    @client team
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    stylistics dev
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Unicorn’s work

Pitch deck

Client’s review:

"Unicorns went above and beyond our requirement and delivered an extraordinary result. We had asked for the layout design of our slide deck based on existing content and flow. However, UCU offered their expertise also to improve the content and order of the material to tell the story more effectively. They then provided multiple visual art directions that we reviewed together and picked one. The final slide deck, based on enhanced content and order as well as final visual design, was truly stunning."
Behnam Analui, Marketing partner, GuRu Inc.
Result achieved
With the deck developed, GuRu Inc. has already
closed a $17M investment for A-2 round and are
aiming for $2M round B investment in 2021
In Unicorn’s own words
Svetlana Asriants
Graphic designer
Guru was a challenging project. There were a lot of technical issues in this project. To draw any diagram, you need to understand how all works. Here, the customer's product video helped us a lot. This is a project of the future, and I think that the guys will succeed.
In the process, we generated cool solutions and in a short time (about three days) designed more than 20 slides.
Katya Tsygankova
Art Director
31 custom-made slides
10 complex schemes
25 icons in one style
  • Art Director - Katya Tsygankova
  • Creative director - Denis Levchenko
  • Project Lead - Anna Leskova
  • Lead Designer - Svetlana Asriants

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